My journey in the world of Open-source programming.

About myself

Hello there, I am Nishant Satish. I live in Bangalore, India. I’m 14 years old and design and develop web apps. When I started web development, I thought was just like any other cloud storage but specifically for software projects. But after an introduction to open source software, I learnt more about how repositories , pull requests and the git command line works.

Google Code-in 2017

In December, 2017, one of my friends suggested that I should join this “open source software competition” called Code-in. When I told them I was not interested, they added that it was hosted by Google, and that made me join the competition. Here at least 25 companies (open-source) handed tasks or minor assignments to contestants, and this changed the way I worked with open-source software, completely. Contestants win Google T’s and other goodies.



Of the 25 open-source companies that hosted tasks, one of them was FOSSASIA. They share the most advanced tech solutions (open-source!). One of them that caught my eye was the open source AI chat ‘Susi’, ( which is almost similar to the other AI chat bots like Google assistant, etc. . I would love to learn more about this incredible tech.  I really respect their motive of setting up an open-source community. They believe that if a person has access to digital tools and knowledge, technology  can have a very positive effect on the society. Once I learn more about AI and other technologies, i will definitely contribute to this awesome community.

I would love to learn more about Artificial Intelligence technology. And since FOSSASIA is open-source (including their AI project as mentioned), it makes it easy for beginners like me to start learning the tech. I also like the android app which can take pictures just like Snapchat  but with more advanced filters. Not just that, but it can also upload it to numerous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, NextCloud, OwnCloud, Imgur, Dropbox, Box, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Whatsapp and Tumblr.

I use open-source software a lot. In one of my PCs, I’ve installed Ubuntu for easily creating temporary development servers. And of course, in my smartphone, I have installed one of the most widely used open-source software- ANDROID.


This shot was taken on my phone when I was working in an open-source Laravel project called Orgmanager.

If you too love using these open source technologies then, why not contribute to them?



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